The Truth About Vaccinations

All Glenmac puppies are now following a nomograph/titer protocol. Because what we have learned fits one of our top breeding goals – to raise healthy Golden Retriever puppies who live long lives – we said ‘yes’. In addition, we want to contribute to the goal of bringing the current average life span of this wonderful breed above the 10-12 year mark and believe this will contribute.

KC, Tracy and Cydney – Glenmac Goldens

Just two weeks prior to the whelping window for each of our girls we drew a blood serum sample and shipped it off to CAVIDS. The cost was the draw at the vet office and the $40 charge from CAVIDS. I think this exceedingly affordable! Our report was returned very quickly and will be in our puppy send home packets. We are confident that – when followed – our puppies will not be at risk for these terrible diseases.

[Please read this article by Gayle Watkins on Aviblog about puppy vaccinations using nomograph and titer]

Should you want to explore more about Avidog, here is a referral link.

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