The Naming of Our Kennel

Mac was that guy in the community that you could count on. He was tall and strong and one family story tells of the time he single handedly lifted a metal tractor tire over the fence into another man’s field to help him out. That kinda guy!

His work was driving heavy equipment to maintain county roads in the plains of north-eastern Colorado, a hard job in an often difficult climate. His real name was Glen McMillan, a good Scotsman making a good honest living. He was also a gentle man and animals seemed to know that about him. Deer would eat from his hand – they have proof in an old black and white photograph – and he often rescued cotton-tailed bunnies and brought them home to his wife and five children as pets.

His only golden-haired daughter, Tracy, is the owner of GlenMac Goldens which is named in memory of her daddy. When Tracy and husband Norm were married in 1986 they adopted a Golden Retriever whom they named Paza – which means ‘golden’ in Hebrew. They found it while searching for a name for their, soon to arrive, first son. Paza was quite a beauty but had a fairly destructive streak and so Tracy (not a quitter, just like her dad) learned how to train dogs and Paza became a sweet, loving companion who lived to the age of 14 and helped them raise their own two rambunctious sons.

Tracy’s career in the baby products business began almost 30 years ago and she has since helped many mom’s in the birth and raising of their own children. Now, their fourth Golden Retriever, Cydney has become the first of their dogs to have puppies. Tracy has spent extensive time training and learning about the process of puppy rearing and is certain that with your own investment of time and training, the puppy that you adopt from Glenmac Goldens will prove to be a gentle, kind soul, and faithful friend just like their kennel’s namesake – Mac.

P.S. They are terrible watchdogs. (mostly kidding)

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