Puppy Replacement Process

How Glenmac Places our Golden Retriever Puppies

We breed one to two litters of Golden Retriever puppies each year. As an Avidog Associate Breeder we follow their development and socialization standards. Raising healthy puppies to become the best four-legged companion you’ve ever had is our goal.

We provide:

  1. A written warranty and sales contract for all puppies
  2. A puppy whelped from a Sire and Dam that have been evaluated for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes which is the GRCA breed standard
  3. We continue with further tests beyond the breed standard in order to do our part in improving the breed
  4. A puppy that has been raised in our home to prepare them for your home
  5. A puppy that was bred for health, genetic diversity, temperament and structure
  6. A paid AKC Limited Registration
  7. Your puppy’s first complete vet exam
  8. Your puppy’s first vaccination following the recommendation of CAVIDS nomograph of the dam which is litter specific
  9. Your puppy’s wormings a minimum of 3 times
  10. A copy of the dam’s nomographs through the University of Wisconsin Vet School to optimally time your pup’s vaccinations while keeping them safe during key socialization periods
  11. A copy of your puppy’s 6 generation pedigree
  12. Your puppy will be microchipped and registered before leaving here with AKC ReUnite
  13. A puppy matched to you following the APET temperament evaluation at week seven. (We work closely with you and consider all aspects of the new home including other pets, children, yard size, special needs, and the amount of time the new owner has to spend with a new pup). Keep in mind that Golden Retrievers are active dogs and enjoy being a part of family life.

Step 1 - The Application

Follow this link to our application for a puppy. We will review your application. If we are a fit we will call you to discuss the process. If this step is a match we will forward a PUPPY PURCHASE AGREEMENT for a litter. This is our initial inquiry phase.

Our puppies sell out well in advance of birth. So, if you are wanting a puppy right now Glenmac is not the breeder for you.

Step 2 – The Contract

The contract will include the name of the sire, the dam, the anticipated time frame for birth, or go home time, if known. The contract includes the price of the puppy, deposit information, terms of the health warranty and the expected responsibilities of the puppy owner.  PURCHASE AGREEMENTS are only sent after the initial inquiry phase.

Step 3 — Reserving Your Puppy $$$

Once we have executed a puppy purchase agreement your non-refundable deposit, as outlined in the agreement, will reserve a puppy. The deposit will be applied to the purchase price. Our 2022 Litter is $5500. Are you military, police, or firefighter? Ask about the discount we offer.

Step 3b — Pay in Full

Many will choose to pay in full at the time the agreement is executed. If not, payment in full is expected by the end of week six after puppies are born.

Step 4 — Puppy Selection

GlenMac Goldens does a temperament test of every litter at week seven. We use the a 23 step process with each individual puppy that we learned through Avidog.. We test for sight and sound sensitivity, biddability, courage, respect for other animals, people or environment focus, drive, and much more. 

Following the APET, at 7 weeks of age, we work closely with our buyers to determine the very best puppy for you. This may be the most challenging piece of the process for you. It is hard to wait to know which puppy is your best match. Trust me, it is worth the wait. 

Step 5 — Bring Your New Puppy Home

After the pups are born we will contact you so you know the litter has arrived. Our website and social media pages are kept up-to-date so you can follow along as they grow. We will set a time for you to pick-up your puppy. We know that many owners come from a very long distance so we make every effort to accommodate schedules. You may also elect to fly to Redding and go home with your puppy in a carry-on sherpa. United and Alaska Airlines fly in and out of Redding*. We do not ship puppies as cargo. Flying to Sacramento is another option. We are 2.5 hours north of the airport.

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