Girls of Glenmac


Cydney is a very smart dog! I’m convinced, with a little more effort on my part, she could speak English. She certainly knows the word B. A. L. L. As a matter of fact, she knows how to SPELL the word.


If you are seeking a gentle, loyal, loving, cuddly, easy to train puppy then one of KC’s puppies should be your choice. KC wants to be wherever I am. She is loving and the finest example of the loyalty of a Golden Retriever.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

My friend Mary

All pictures of my dogs in the wildflowers were taken by my friend, and mentor, Mary Livingston. Mary is a Breeder of Merit who has been breeding Golden Retrievers for 30 years. She is a talented breeder, photographer, artist and now she is a friend.

I had the very good fortune of meeting Mary just after our family had moved to northern California. Cydney had come into heat and I was seeking a stud dog. After, what seemed like, a million phone calls I was connected to Mary about her boy Sailor. The rest is history, as the saying goes. Sailor sired Cydney’s first litter in 2018.

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