Girls of Glenmac

Cydney (retired)

The beauty that started it all!

She will be 9 on September 3, 2022. She whelped 4 beautiful litters and was a wonderful mom. Now it is ball chasing, naps in the sunny window, healthy walks, wherever I go she is there.


If you are seeking a gentle, loyal, loving, cuddly, easy to train puppy then one of KC’s puppies should be your choice. KC wants to be wherever I am. She is loving and the finest example of the loyalty of a Golden Retriever.

She is always a hit at the dog park. People just gravitate to her. Or, does she to them?  She soaks up all the attention. 

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

My friend Mary

All pictures of my dogs in the wildflowers were taken by my friend, and mentor, Mary Livingston. Mary is a Breeder of Merit who has been breeding Golden Retrievers for 30 years. She is a talented breeder, photographer, artist and now she is a friend.

I had the very good fortune of meeting Mary just after our family had moved to northern California. Cydney had come into heat and I was seeking a stud dog. After, what seemed like, a million phone calls I was connected to Mary about her boy Sailor. The rest is history, as the saying goes. Sailor sired Cydney’s first litter in 2018.

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