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The Truth About Vaccinations

All Glenmac puppies are now following a nomograph/titer protocol. Because what we have learned fits one of our top breeding goals – to raise healthy Golden Retriever puppies who live

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And The Winner Is…

…YOU! Yes, you, the puppy buyer. When you choose to work with breeders who choose to follow the breed club best practices – and beyond – you win. And, for

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Danny X KC

Confirmation of a successful breeding of Golden Romance Martini Bianco “Danny” and our Kiss of Cream “KC” will be announced this week, April 22. If we get good news this

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Walter X Cydney

We are hopeful that the breeding of Walter B. Cooper and Cydney Urban’s Delight was successful. We will know the week of April 29th. Stay tuned! We will announce the

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Lift Off Litter 2018

I love my Goldens! Being with them brings me so much joy and now even greater blessing because after much preparation and learning from the help of my friend and

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